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Pumpkin and goat’s cheese ravoli with sage butter
(small number of guests only)

Our homemade pasta
– Ravoli with pumpkin, fresh goat’s cheese filling. Served with sage butter.
– Ravoli filled with dried porcini & fresh button mushrooms, ricotta & parmesan cheeses
served with extra virgin olive oil and some grated grana cheese

Spinach roulade with roasted capsicum
Spinach roll filled with cooked mushrooms, onion, roasted red capsicum, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Roulade of spinach, ricotta cheese, lightly sauteed leeks, slices of leg ham rolled
served in slices with a few leaves of rocket.

Calamari salad with rocket leaves, chervil, lemon
with Balsamic vinaigrette.

Warm prawn & mint salad Green prawns (allowing 4-6 per person)
Cooked in a court bouillon, coconut milk, a little chilli & served with lemon juice

Fish with lemon butter & caper sauce

Crisp-skinned salmon
with beetroot and capers

Salad of crab
Coconut and green mango, Hermit or Blue Swimmer Crab, fresh coconut shavings, mint & basil leaves with limejuice

Yabbies with celeriac Remoulade – This dish is best with yabbies—however, prawns can be substituted
The faintly muddy flavour or yabbies marries well with the mustard flavour of the remoulade and the freshness of the celeriac

Seafood crepes