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Weighing ingredients – eggs

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Weighing ingredients – eggs

   Tips and Tricks   December 10, 2016  Comments Off on Weighing ingredients – eggs

One of the most vital steps in cooking in general is weighing ingredients

When it comes to pastries and cakes, weighing one’s ingredients correctly particularly for pastries and cakes is very important. I really cannot stress this enough.

When a recipe requires 4 egg yolks, for example, one cannot assume all eggs have the same weight.

Yolks can vary from carton to carton. One yolk may weigh 24g, another 29g.

The same can be said for egg whites. Just recently, in one carton, I found large difference in the individual weight for the eggs. Why? Upon weighing them all, the total weight was 700 grams!I!

I also suggest that you weigh both yolks and whites and write it on your recipe for future reference.

Do you have an egg-cellent tip? I’d love to hear it!

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