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Why we love basil

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Why we love basil

   Maggie's Feast ,,   March 13, 2016  Comments Off on Why we love basil

Basil has liked our long humid summer this year growing like ‘Topsy’ and an
abundance of it.
I love basil, the scent and taste of it–full of flavour. Also it is an
excellent source of Vitamin K & a good source of iron, calcium & vitamin A
as well as containing a high percentage of beneficial volatile oils.
Since the oils in basil are highly volatile, it is best to add this herb near the
end of cooking so it will retain its maximum essence, favour and health


We like to use it fresh but when we have a big bounty of it we preserve it.

Make a pesto sauce with your favourite recipe.

Basil oil is one  of our favourites which is simply delicious over
tomatoes,salads,vegetables,add to pasta. Everything likes basil!

Basil butter: combine 1/2 cup [120grams] softened unsalted butter,1 cup
finely chopped basil. Blend in food processor or use a mixing stick such as
the Bamix.
Keeps covered in refrigerate for up to 2 weeks, Freezes well for at least 1

Basil cubes – these are wonderful for adding into a simmering sauce or soup.
Do not use frozen basil as a garnish, as it becomes soggy and slimy as it
Chop up basil leaves into small pieces, fill some plastic ice cube trays.
Cover the leaves  with water and freeze. Once frozen store the basil ice
cubes in a plastic freezer bag. Lable and date.

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