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Chocolate cakes

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Everyone loves chocolate – they say it’s the food of the gods!

Clients remember our chocolate cakes for years. One gentleman rang to order a chocolate cake for his wife’s birthday “the same one that you made for me nine years ago !” he said.

We have many more, just ring us!

Chocolate Concord
Alternating layers of chocolate meringue and a light chocolate mousse. A delicious sweet. Makes an excellent cake (e.g. birthday); this is the most popular of all of our chocolate cakes. 

Chocolate and hazelnut or almond cake
Flourless cake.

Chocolate crust
A delicious chocolate crust filled with whipped cream and strawberries.

Chocolate & raisin
Chocolate, raisins, cinnamon. Chocolate glaze.

Mocha coffee, chocolate
Served with coffee bean brittle.

Queen of Nut’s Cake
Chocolate, chopped blanched almonds and a little citron. Flourless cake.

Queen of Sheba
Chocolate & almond cake

In my opinion this is the Rolls Royce of chocolate cakes! Alternating layers of almond/hazelnut meringue, praline, and chocolate cream. This sweet also makes an ideal sweet/plus celebration cake.

Mocha coffee, chocolate with coffee bean brittle 

White chocolate and cheese cake

Eve’s Chocolate Cake
A light but beautiful chocolate (only 30g sugar/8 serves) cake served with a chocolate ganache.

Bon Vivant
A very old Hungarian cake recipe. Layer of hazelnut meringue, covered with a chocolate cream. Served with a dollop of cream.

Old fashioned chocolate butter cake