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A light and healthy dish served beautifully with either salads or vegetables

Fennel-cured salmon
Served with shaved cucumber and dill salad. Naturally this is a cold dish

Ocean trout cured with orange puree

Scallops drizzled with soya, Shaoxing wine, sesame oil sauce
Steamed and served in individual shells

Tartare of South Australian kingfish
Finely diced and mixed with diced eschalot, parsley, capers. Served with thinly sliced crostini

Grilled tuna
With pistou and tomato aioli. Served with kipler potato and fennel salad. A pocket is cut into the side of the tuna, the pistou is worked into it before cooking

Individual portions served with caper, parsley and flaked almond sauce
OR fennel and citrus sauce
OR tomato and wine sauce

Fillet of crisp skinned salmon 
With a slice of anchovy butter. Served with waxy potatoes
OR a parsley sauce and steamed potatoes flecked with French tarragon leaves

Mariniere of snapper
Octopus scallops, calamari and pistou sauce

Salad of marron [or prawns]
Presented on a bed of steamed fresh vegetables, finished with a light salad of fresh herbs

Linguine with prawns, snow peas and lemon

Seafood strudel
Octopus, scallops, fish fillet on filo pastry. Various sorts of fish can be used.

Fillets of whiting [or snapper or flathead]
Served with salmon roe beurre blanc sauce

Seafood crepes

Fish snapper, orange roughy [when in season] or any seasonal fish