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It’s a pleasure to create with the amazing fresh produce grown in Australia

We serve fresh vegetables that are in season at the time of the function, however, we will provide whatever the customer would like, if it is available.

Baked vegetables sprinkled with blood plum vinegar

Green beans with nut-brown butter and toasted flaked almonds
Always a winner.

Broccoli Steamed
Served simply or with toasted almond slivers.

Eggplant sautéed and served with parsley & sour dough breadcrumbs
Very good served with lamb.

Celeriac roasted with fennel and black olives

Braised Fennel
Steamed and served with bacon (optional), shallots and petit sweet peas, or ‘snap peas’.

Upside down caramelised fennel tart

Eggplant Casserole
Grilled eggplant alternating with homemade veal stock based tomato sauce and grated gruyere/parmesan cheese.This dish is wonderful served with lamb or beef dishes.

Steamed and served with chopped parsley.

Leek tart with a little curry
The latter enhances the flavour of the leeks.

Gratin Dauphinois
Gratin of Potatoes and Leeks. Sliced rounds of potaoes and leeks cooked in a light veal stock. Seasoned with chives and parsley.

Roasted mixed of vegetables
Moroccan style.

Roast potatoes