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Maggie's feast

Roast neck of pork for a wedding anniversary

   Maggie's Feast   November 20, 2016  Comments Off on Roast neck of pork for a wedding anniversary

Roast neck of pork is an inexpensive cut, but generously marbled with fat, making it suitable for slow roasting. It’s very popular for any dinner party. Here we have served it with orange, wine and stock sauce. And as always plenty of both roasted potatoes and crackling! Recently we travelled out to…

Weighing ingredients – flour

   Tips and Tricks   November 11, 2016  Comments Off on Weighing ingredients – flour

Never assume all flours weigh the same Each type and brand of flours can often weigh quite differently. An incorrect measurement can mean the difference between a masterpiece or a mess! The main reason is that types/brands of wheat grown in different areas vary in weight. ALWAYS weigh using good…

Cake tins

   Tips and Tricks   July 11, 2016  Comments Off on Cake tins

Have you ever wondered WHY the cake batter doesn’t quite fit in the cake tin you have? Sometimes you have TOO much, other times, not enough! The reason is quite simple, however not really explained in recipes or cooking shows! Many times, you’re give a new recipe and are eager…

Why we love basil

   Maggie's Feast ,,   March 13, 2016  Comments Off on Why we love basil

Basil has liked our long humid summer this year growing like ‘Topsy’ and an abundance of it. I love basil, the scent and taste of it–full of flavour. Also it is an excellent source of Vitamin K & a good source of iron, calcium & vitamin A as well as…

A surprise 50th wedding anniversary

   Maggie's Feast ,,,,   January 10, 2016  Comments Off on A surprise 50th wedding anniversary

Frequently I’m asked: “Why home catering rather than owning a restaurant?” Simply, I prefer the personal aspect as well as the variety in the work. I remember a while ago when an email arrived from a woman in Switzerland asking if I would cater for her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary….

Welcome to Maggie’s

   Maggie's Feast ,,   November 14, 2015  Comments Off on Welcome to Maggie’s

Food has always been a great passion of mine I love the textures and tastes and creating something new, exciting and nourishing. I love the way a meal can connect people, craft a memory and bring happiness to a person. For the last 30 years, I have been running my…