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Cake tins

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Cake tins

   Tips and Tricks   July 11, 2016  Comments Off on Cake tins

Have you ever wondered WHY the cake batter doesn’t quite fit in the cake tin you have?

Sometimes you have TOO much, other times, not enough! The reason is quite simple, however not really explained in recipes or cooking shows!

Many times, you’re give a new recipe and are eager to try it. But something isn’t quite right. The answer is simple: you’re using the wrong SHAPE of tin.

You see, a round cake tin will hold approximately 25% or a ¼  less than a square tin. The solution?

Use a round tin that is one size larger than a square tin for any given recipe.

Therefore to convert an 8” [20cm] round you would use a 7” [18cm] square.

Just another tip I have acquired though lots of trial and error in my test kitchen. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help. Just send me a question.

Happy baking!

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